Support group for parents of children with extra needs

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Charlotte Hartstone and Rach Bidois are both mum’s to daughters with higher health needs.

“We remember what it felt like in the beginning. You feel alone. You find yourself comparing your situation to others,” said Charlotte.
“You are overwhelmed with appointments and specialists, and it can be difficult not having any other parents/caregivers to talk to who understand the challenges you are going through.”

There are a few families living within Raglan who have a child with special needs, whether it be physical, learning, or a combination, or even a chronic illness.
The two have been on their own journey with their daughters for a few years and hope to provide support and information they wish they had known at different stages.

They’re extending an open invitation to parents and caregivers with children who have extra needs–including grown up children, to an informal meet and greet to share stories, information and offer an understanding ear.

“We don’t necessarily know it all, but we can help those who are new to it start their journey. We don’t want anyone to feel like they are alone,” Charlotte said.
Anyone is welcome to attend and the group is open to all ages. If parents or caregivers are not at an early intervention stage, they can give feedback to those who are.

“Everyone is going through different stages,” said Rach. “Stage by stage there are so many different services. We hope to share the information that we have, and hope that others will do the same.”

The first meeting of the group will be held on Thursday 3rd September at 7:00PM at the Raglan Social Club. They hope to “form a community within the community”, by establishing who is living here and start helping each other find a common ground that all parents and families can relate to.

Parents are welcome to stop by and talk to Rach at the Raglan Social Club. If you are interested in attending please ring Charlotte at 825 7332 to confirm.

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