Light Exercise Group

By November 19, 2015 No Comments

Feeling lethargic ? The light Exercise group for the over 50s meets on Monday and Thursdays in the Anglican Town Hall from 10am to 11am.

But what would I be letting myself in for, you ask nervously. We over 50’s have learnt to join with care and avoid embarrassment.

I have found that once in the door of  apparently interesting groups it can be difficult to turn round and run. It looks so silly. Don’t worry though, the light exercise group is very benign and does not demand any lycra or similar sporty gear.

Ladies however tend to avoid skirts and go for some long-legged self presentation. We don’t leap around but do sometimes elevate legs or pass the time on machines.

The first half hour allows you to choose a piece of equipment like rowing machines or treadmills.

The most popular equipment can be difficult to find free. We are a civilised group and brute force to get what you want is frowned on. Hanging around the desired equipment with a meangfull look is as far as you can go. This happens frequently with the popular rowing machines. Three of them sit side by side positively inviting chatter, forgetting exercise and other impatient users

There is a lot of chat, for the first 30 minutes in the first half hour. Alternatively you can much around the main hall for the first half hour doing some floor routines or just turn up for the second half.

It costs you $3 a day either way – its the best bargain in town. On Thursdays you can stay on at 11 for tea or coffee with biscuits or even more chatter. Please do try it: might be just your cup of tea.

Ian McKissack