Raglan Podiatry Service now available

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Raglan resident and podiatrist Janet Murphy, is now providing a monthly podiatry clinic in Raglan, with the aim of increasing it to weekly.  She is also available for home visits on a weekly basis if you are unable to attend the clinic.

Born in Ireland’s County Cork, she followed in her father’s footsteps — qualifying with an Bachelor of Science Podiatry (Hons) in 1999.

She has been practicing in both the private and public sectors for 16 years. Specialising in foot care ranging from preventative care to diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the feet, ankle and lower legs.

Her expertise includes: callus and corns; thickened, fungal and in-grown toenails; diabetic and high risk feet; verrucae (planter wart); heel/arch/shin pain; orthotics; footwear advice.

No referral is required, she is ACC registered and gives a gold card discount.

So don’t forget your poor feet this Autumn time, soon they will be squashed in hard shoes and boots walking and running for you. Fungus loves the dark, hard skin loves to catch on stockings, ingrown toenails get pinched. Take time out and have your feet treated regularly. Book in advance and make some space for your feet.

For any enquiries please contact Janet Murphy / Inline Podiatry / 07 825 8303

Next Raglan clinic is Tuesday 19th April. An additional clinic may be added if there is enough demand. Home visits are also available.

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