Through the Lens: Geraldine Burns

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A series interviewing photographers in Raglan. (Email if you would like to be profiled as part of this series.)

This week the Chronicle caught up with local photographer Geraldine Burns.

Tell us a little about how you started with photography?

I studied photography both in high school and tertiary. I started selling my art at markets about 15 years ago, from there I was discovered by stores and galleries and have since sold my work through retail. My partner has always believed in me and encouraged me to turn my passion into a career.

I also do wedding photography, this started through word of mouth with friends and friend’s families – I have now collaborated with one of my best friends to form 2 Souls Wedding Photography.

Do you like shooting in digital or…?

It took me a while to get into digital – as I am a bit old school and love the magic of film.  It seems more precious, you really need to take your time with the shot, frame it and get all the settings right, also the surprise of getting your photos developed and seeing how they come out is so exciting.

Digital is awesome though, especially for weddings – you can shoot as many photos as you want, and on a fast paced day, when you’re trying to capture all those precious moments – that’s so important. The freedom to be able to edit, crop and adjust lighting or tones etc is really handy and fun too.

I’m really keen to get back into film, especially with my art – there are so many more people with cameras these days (phones!), so I feel like it would make my art a bit more exclusive and show a more raw side of the art of photography.

What are some of your favourite things to shoot?

I love photographing nature – especially water and clouds.  I love to get up close with textures, making things look a bit abstract.

I also love photographing my two daughters – their lives are going to be well documented through images!

Are there any photographers or artists that you are inspired by?

I always love Danelle Bohane and Greta Kenyon’s work – there are so many talented wedding photographers out there.

Pinterest often helps to inspire me with my art, but there aren’t really specific artists I can think of.  I also like to be aware of the interior design trends too – ie. geometric shapes and black and gold tones etc.

How would you describe your style?

My wedding style is natural, fun and artistic – Mel and I never like to get our couples too posed, we love to just capture all the natural moments that happen on their big day.

With my photo art, I guess my style changes a bit and evolves – mostly it’s just real, I don’t like to use Photoshop too much – to leave the image as raw as possible.

I love to evoke feelings with my photos, like feelings of calmness. I love that photography can do that, some images bring back memories or take you right into that photo – like you were there.

In general – I’m very aware of space and composition, framing the image well – this is probably a skill learned from being a graphic designer. I also don’t like to use my flash a lot, I love to shoot in natural light as much as possible.

What are your latest projects:

For the past year or so, I have created and sold framed and unframed art prints in stores and galleries around the Waikato and Bay of Plenty – the designs are made up of words (inspiring sayings or song lyrics) or geometric shapes with my photography within the shapes and letters.  My work is found at Atamira and has also been in Raglan Social Club through the summer too.

My latest exhibition ‘Daydreaming’ just started in the weekend, at Rock-it.  This exhibition consists of mostly Raglan imagery, I’ve created some really large pieces, with simple, clean images and quality frames – these make a real impact on the rustic walls of Rock-it.

The story behind your cover photo:

Firey Karioi. This photo was taken digitally on the 5th February 2007, and has had no enhancement in Photoshop.

I used a slow shutter speed and moved my camera, so this is why we have 2 mountains!

We have this image on a big canvas on our wall at home, it looks more like a painting than a photo.

I love it even more now that we have moved back to Raglan, as we live up under the mountain, so Karioi has a lot more meaning to us.

What are your dreams for the future with your photography?

I would love to travel more, to photograph amazing places, then exhibit my work in these places.  Especially around NZ – to be able to take my family on adventures around our beautiful country would be wicked.

How can people contact you?

Wedding photography: or email

g.DESIGN: or email or 027 6647 186.