Health and Wellbeing: Time to Talk Counselling Services

By May 12, 2016 No Comments

The idea of seeking counselling can seem a bit daunting to anyone, and may be something you tell yourself you ‘don’t have time for’. Which is where ‘Time to Talk Counselling Services’ come in.

For Counsellor Helene Evan NZAC, her focus is to provide timely services when appropriate. Whether that’s in person or alternatively on the phone. With over 15 years of experience, she has become a well oiled listening board.

Helene relocated to Raglan in July of 2015 from Rotorua. She has gone from nurse to social worker to counsellor, working for family services with a focus on children with trauma and anger. She specialises in services for drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, PTSD, as well has family parent dynamics. She also has a post graduate in ‘grief and loss’.

“It’s about creating a positive outcome for people, talking about what is important to them and showing them that there are alternatives and a resolution can occur,” Helene said.

She is looking froward to providing services for the older community in Raglan as well.

“There is no difference in age, just a different focus.”

Helen brings qualified and professional services to the community and is looking forward to continuing her practice here. She is available for in-person appointments or phone call chats if it’s easier.

Contact Helene today at or 027 323 6384.