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Elsa Lye: A Creative Life

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Elsa Lye

Artist Q + A

Raglan is literally full of creatives. Elsa Lye, an accomplished artist with a long connection to the local arts scene is a new member of Ahoy, a shared art space on Bankart St around the corner from Atamira.


T his year we photographed Elsa in her studio and chatted to her about her work.

Jacquiline Kay:   How would you describe your artwork and what inspires you?

Elsa:  My work is inspired by nature, and the nature of materials. The challenge is to try and capture the place/idea and pin it to a surface or an object. It’s about what I see, love, feel and what material will make that real. I paint using different mediums outside in the wind and also tucked up in my studio. I also make sculptures in clay, Raglan black sand and rusty/stainless steel. I work intuitively.

Jacqui:    You have recently moved to Raglan but have always had a connection to the arts scene here. What has this involved over the years?

Elsa:    I have connections with Raglan artists and The Old School Art Centre for many years. Summer schools with Susan Flight and Paul Judd, a solo show, as curator, video at the film festival and now my studio at Ahoy on Bankart St. and recently a group show with Ahoy artists at Chris and Shelley Meeks.

Jacqui:    What studies have you completed ?

Elsa: I am always learning, however I completed my Master of Fine Arts in 2010 majoring in video.

Jacqui:    Tell us about your recent works?

Elsa:       Yesterday l made small clay pieces referencing the tiny sand islands made by the tide.

Jacqui:    What is happening for you in 2017?

Elsa:       Our MFA group are exploring the possibilities of showing in Auckland’s Art week 2017 our topic is Endangered.

Jacqui:   Where can people view your work?

Elsa:       Paintings with Jan at Kanuka and also at my studio, Ahoy, 11 Bankart Street Raglan and the Old School Art Centre

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