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HeartBeads / NZ Handmade Glass Art

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HeartBeads / NZ  Handmade Glass Art

From Venice to Raglan, glass artist Peter Hohenberger GIVES us a glimpse into his beading life


P eter Hohenberger – The Glass Artist:

What fascinated me most in high school was art, particularly Art Noveau with all those intricate flowing, flowery, complicated designs.

When I migrated to New Zealand in 1996, after a professional career in software and high-tech IT in Europe, I set up “La Fleur bleue”, a glass studio dedicated to the art of L.C Tiffany. For many years I created beautiful lamps, mirrors and windows, reflecting the work of Mr Tiffany and introducing my own designs.

Ten years ago I watched a glass artist in Venice working at the torch, melting glass, creating three-dimensional objects, and I was hooked. Since then, I started HeartBeads, making handmade glass objects and jewellery completed with sterling silver. Everything is created in Raglan, New Zealand.

HeartBeads  – The Studio:

What I do

I concentrate on glass objects, beads and jewellery, created from my own work. My inspirations come from simply looking out of the window at Moonlight Bay – the colours of Aotearoa, the light and the ever- changing wonders of nature.

How I do it

My raw glass comes from Murano, an island near Venice, Italy. Working on a glass artist’s torch (running on LPG and oxygen) I melt this glass into different shapes and structures, giving colours with different transparent and opaque glass. Techniques like raking, swirling, dots help me to shape every single glass object into something totally unique. There will never be two the same.

Open studio – what you will see

You can watch me working “at the flame” – using the torch, melting glass, making beads. You can even try your luck and make your own bead! It might be easier than you think … (Conditions apply.) For more information go to:

The HeartBeads Studio is located at 78D Greenslade Rd (ph 07 8250992)

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