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New Zealand Shakeout 2015

large earthquake could happen anywhere in New Zealand at anytime. Whether you are at home, work, school or on a holiday, everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take during and after an earthquake.

Thursday 15 October is International ShakeOut Day, and New Zealand will be one of the first countries to participate with a Nationwide Drill at 9:15am.

New Zealand ShakeOut has been set up to spread earthquake awareness. Helping people and organisations become more educated about major earthquakes, hazards and risks in their area.

– How can you participate?

Sign up at, then note the date and time in your diary (9:15am, 15 October 2015). NZ Shakeout sends out key information that could be vital to your emergency plan, so we would advise signing up!


– Become familiar with the earthquake risks in your area.
– Create a household emergency plan.
– Assemble or update your getaway kit.
– Identify safe places within your home, school or workplace.
– Secure heavy items of furniture to the floor or wall.

If you have a business, or work along Wainui Road or Bow Street in the CBD, there will be a group ‘evacuation’ at 9:15am on 15 October. Businesses will meet in the carpark of the Raglan Club to review the earthquake risks located in the central business district. Everyone is welcome to attend this brief meeting. If you work alone in your shop and cannot leave it unattended, the Raglan Chamber will be delivering a bit of information to all the businesses, covering what was discussed. It is advised that one person stay behind in the bigger businesses, to keep business operating. (In a real emergency, please don’t leave anyone behind!)

For the rest of Whaingaroa, on 15 October signal the start of the drill at 9:15am. Remember! Drop, cover and hold for at least 30-45 seconds. Imagine it as a real earthquake! Afterwards, review any hazards you noticed, think about what you should do before an earthquake starts to protect yourself, family or co-workers. Then review what you will do after an earthquake. Please note the ‘drop, cover and hold’ tactic may not be the right response for you due to the hazards in your area.

For more information about New Zealand ShakeOut, and for helpful emergency tips, visit You can also visit the Ministry of Civil Defence website: For more information of hazardous zones, please review Environment Waikato’s earthquake map:

Be smart, be prepared! Stay safe!

K. Puriri

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