Champagne, live music and a chance to meet some of the finalists – Raglan Art to Wear is holding a glamorous cocktail-style red carpet event this year, at the Old School Arts Centre, with live streaming, for those who miss out on tickets to the live show.

Katy Armstrong, who is organising the “cocktail-style, red carpet event” (adopted from the theme Scarlet Fever in the live show), says for the last Art to Wear in 2014, the tickets sold out in 28 minutes.

The Town Hall has limited seating, says Katy, “so, we knew we had to offer greater access.

“We looked at all sorts of options… we settled on a live feed. And yes, we are making this into its own event.”

Guests will be encouraged to dress up for the occasion, which will be filmed by a local video collective, and a free glass of bubbles and nibbles will be provided to all.

“For some people it’s all about the live event but when we’ve told people about this alternative they’ve got very excited.

“It’s a chance to open up the event to the community and offer something new.”

The categories for this year’s Art to Wear, the sixth biennial event, are Middle Earth, Scarlet Fever, Time Travel, Where the Wild Things Are and On the Rebound.

Katy says there will be entries by seasoned participants but also by people who have never entered before.

“We welcome new people.

“It is primarily a Raglan event but we have had some out-of-town participants.”

Katy says the show is popular because it “captures the hearts and imaginations of a truly creative community”.

“It’s an event that fires the imaginations of souls young and old; Raglan is a very creative place. Plus, the recycling aspect goes to the very heart of who we are as a community.”

Tickets to Art to Wear cost $20 for both the live show and the red carpet affair, and go on sale on Saturday, May 23.

Inger Vos