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Ashtanga Yoga – FREE introductory class!

We all know that YOGA is good for us, but so many classes — Which one? Where and When?
Dee Lilly is offering a FREE introductory class in Ashtanga Yoga, followed by an 8week program in the New Year to get you started.
Ashtanga — or “power”- yoga is an energetic form of yoga that can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels wanting to maximise strength, energy and balance. Ashtanga is popular with those who wish to combine the spiritual benefits of yoga with a more rigorous exercise program. Ideal for surfers, equestrians, fitness fanatics and super mums!
Ashtanga Vinyassa emphasises the power of breath linked with movement through a flowing sequence of poses. Heat produces sweat, allowing the body to detox and shed excess water (which we often think is fat) creating a lean body and a focussed mind.
Classes will be led to learn the traditional sequence. A ‘self-practice’ then begins at students own pace, where ‘adjustments’ are made. Dynamic movement with deep breathing ‘de-stresses’ the body allowing for a deeper relaxation. So whatever your mood before class you are sure to feel greatly energised after.
Dee has over 15years experience in yoga. She emphasises the “amazing transformation” regular practice can bring. “You don’t NEED to be flexible for yoga — that’s why we do it!”
Raglan Town Hall
Wednesdays— 10am & Thursdays – 6.30pm
FREE Introductory Class + 8 week Program $80
Call for more Info: 078255883 / 0220686124

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