This week the Chronicle caught up with Ro Fawcett.

Describe your practice?
After retiring from the busy world of Herald Advertising and moving to a fairly remote farm to marry and live, I was able to devote my time to painting. Since school days art has always been in my life but time was limited with a busy career and family. After a course in acrylics I decided that this was the medium that suited me best and began to paint mostly stylised seascapes and landscapes in bright primary colours

What are you working on at the moment?
My new work at the moment is investigating circles and incorporating them into landscapes. This is quite a challenge and produces some interesting effects. The flow of hills and mountains dissected by rivers, sea and valleys leaves a sense of curves and continuity.

When did you first start painting?
When I started school at five I remember my teacher praising a drawing of a tiger to my parents and I was quite upset because I didn’t think it was very good!

Who are you influenced by?
I have always been inspired by our greatest artists Ralph Hotere, Colin McCahon and Gretchen Albrect. Hotere for his dark passion, McCahon for the moody landscapes and tortured soul and Albrect for sheer colour and movement.

The best piece of advice you ever got?
The best advice I was ever given is ‘there are NO rules’ which gives the artist a wonderful feeling of freedom to translate onto a canvas.

If money were no object what frivilous non essential would you buy for yourself?
It would not be frivolous and I would need to win lotto but I covet one of Hoteres black paintings entitled “Rosemary”. I saw it at the Gavit Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth many years ago but have no idea where it is now. That painting spoke to me at the time and I had to be dragged away.

Ultimate four dinner party guests, dead or alive?
I like to entertain fun people so would invite Judi Dench, my daughter Catherine, Jeremy Clarkson and Billy Conolly and I would serve them bangers and mash and gallons of red wine. Expect we would be laughing so much that not a lot would be eaten!

New Years resolution?
New Years resolution: To make somebody smile everyday. The checkout girl, the traffic cop, a new neighbour, someone on the street and my lovely husband. Give it a try, this is very rewarding!

Where can we see your work?
Visitors are most welcome to come to my studio and check through the many canvases – there is a lot! I have had several solo exhibitions in the past and have supplied several galleries. My work has gone off shore and around New Zealand. Just give me a call 0274 847 985 to make a time that suits you. Always looking forward to meeting new people.