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Ask the Artist: This week we talk to Karla Stevenson, a multitalented artist.

This week we talk to Karla Stevenson, a multitalented artist.
Brief description of your practice?

Mostly for I make jewellery, pottery and a wee bit of painting too.

What are you working on at the moment?
My business partners are Hayley and Craig Hamilton, making super fun ceramics, we are called ‘The Monster Company’. Its awesome, the best job ever.

Who are you influenced by?
Um I guess everyone around me.

The best piece of advice you ever got?
From my Dad “Always look after number one” It works blimmin good, another goodie is “If Mama ain’t happy ain’t no one happy”

Best and worst thing about being an artist?
Best thing is being able to play everyday and worst thing is when someone asks you what you do, trying to describe it.

In another life I would be…….?
Napoleon Dynamite

What would you save in a fire?
3 wooden monkeys my Nana gave me and hopefully my kids would carry me safely away from harm.

What is a ‘Mondegreen’? (because I know you know) and share your favorite?
A Mondegreen is when you sing a song and get the lyrics wrong, I seem to do quite alot of them. One is the song Reckless, the words are “She don’t like that kind of behaviour” but I thought it went “She don’t like that kind of a haircut”. (Has always being a filthy mullet in my mind)

If money were no object what frivolous non essential would you buy for yourself?
A really pimped out campervan, with a geeky name like “Wanderer” or something.

What four people dead or alive would you have to a dinner party?
Napoleon Dynamite, Dave Grohl, Mr Bean and would have to have my boyfriend so he doesn’t miss out on celebrity fun times!

Your ideal era?
Oooo maybe the 60’s would be cool, I’d like to be a go go dancer!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Do you have recurring dreams? What about?
Yes lots, I have quite mental dreams, I often dream that I’m some kind of detective solving mysteries.

Where can we see your art or designs?
At Jet Collective

Please contact the Raglan Chronicle office if you would like to be part of this series (especially if you are a local with an upcoming exhibition in Raglan). We would love to hear from you: or 825 7076.

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