Summer holidays are ending and it’s time to go back to school. While for parents, this may come as a welcome relief from the constant noise and business of having a house full of kids, for the children themselves this can be a nervous and exciting time. Settling into that first week can be stressful for both parent and child. Bach flowers can be a good way to ease this transition and soothe those back to school nerves. Here are a few suitable Bach Flowers;

Walnut – For times of change. The start of a school year can bring a lot of “new” which can be quite unsettling. Walnut gently guards against these outside influences to provide some much needed consistency.

Mimulus – Fearful, nervous, shy. Different school, a new teacher or unfamiliar faces can all be frightening and contribute to the back to school jitters. The calming and reassuring properties of mimulus are always welcome in these situations.

Agrimony – Hiding worry behind a smile. Putting on a brave face doesn’t do much for the restless, worried mind underneath. Agrimony helps these children to be more open and let others help them with their troubles.

Scleranthus – Balance. While for some children going back to school can be scary, for others it is exciting; they can become bouncy and unsettled. This remedy is balancing and provides a steadiness to help the child settle and focus.

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