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Back to health naturally with Chirohealth

Chirohealth is a well established Waikato Chiropractic practice. Dr Anthony Peers, the principal Chiropractor, qualified in 1994 and has been practicing for more than 20 years.

He is passionate about Chiropractic, spinal health care and the general well-being of his patients.
Chiropractors are primary health care professionals whose role is the care and treatment of the spine.

They assess the spine and vertebra identifying areas of dysfunction (fixations) and mal-alignments (subluxations) that may be causing localised muscle and joint pain (mechanical pain). These areas of fixations/subluxations may also result in the pinching or irritation of nerves resulting in various nerve related pain syndromes like sciatica and headaches or may result in other health issues within the body.

Chiropractors utilise a very specific form of gentle manipulation termed the adjustment to restore normal vertebral biomechanical function and alignment thus reducing mechanical spinal pain and nerve pressure or irritation allowing the body to heal and return to optimum health. Chiropractic philosophy dictates that a healthy spine promotes a healthy body.

So whether you are a pregnant mum, a colicky baby, young or old and suffer with back, muscle or joint pain. If you are suffering with a sports injury, headaches, Sciatica, hip, knee, shoulder pain or any associated physical neuro-muscular-skeletal ailments such as fatigue, fibromyalgia or vertigo to name a few. Then Chiropractic care is for you.

Anthony would like to inform the Raglan community that he has taken over from Dr Jeff Farnham and is consulting on Tuesdays at 10 Bankart Street Raglan.

For appointments contact Chirohealth at 07- 8349915 or 021 179 2114.

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