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Beach clean-up a win-win

Raglan’s coast is looking tidier thanks to a group of keen Fraser High School students and staff.

Fraser High School’s senior council worked collaboratively with Waikato District Council Raglan Reserves Team Leader Noel Barber to undertake a beach clean-up on January 28.
A group of 22 Fraser students and five staff walked from Ngarunui beach back to Te Kopua Domain collecting rubbish along the way.

The senior council students wanted to give something back to the Raglan community after they stayed at the Kopua Holiday Park for two nights to develop the student’s leadership vision for the year.

“We know that Raglan gets hit hard in the summer months and our students want to set the right example about being socially and environmentally responsible,” senior council camp organiser Carli Last said.

This year one of the aims for Fraser High School’s senior council is to be a positive presence in the school and wider community.
“Cleaning up the shores of Raglan not only gave our senior council an excuse to be at the beach, but it showed us that something as simple as picking up rubbish can ripple effect so positively on a community. I would definitely do it again!” head girl Eden French-Putu said.

“Each of us walked away feeling content, knowing that we had made a difference and hopefully, we are able to help influence other members of the Waikato community to do their bit,” deputy head girl Alysha Koloni said.

“I am honoured to be able to be a part of this operation and I look forward to our next event for the community,” head boy Teancum Timu said.

WDC – Image credit Fraser High School.

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