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Bing King launch at Home Show

After debuting at the Markets and Sunday Sessions earlier this year, Bing King, Francis (Frano) Longman’s street-style pop-up kitchen fed the masses at the Waikato Home and Garden Show last week.

With a unique take on Asian cuisine, Frano’s ‘Bing’s’ include fillings like Beijing spice tofu, avocado, Chinese char-siu bbq sausage and bacon all wrapped up in an egg-base pocket and drizzled with yummy sauces.

“The Home Show wass the launching of the official business, I’m pretty excited seeing the concept come into reality,” he says.

A chef with 25 years cooking experience under his belt, he’s worked in restaurants around the world and traveled to Beijing to help set up restaurants, writing menus and training staff. Frano drew inspiration from the street-style foods he experienced in Beijing during his time spent there in 2011 and 2012.

“I used to eat something similar on my way to work every morning, but it’s definitely a variation,” he says of his Bings, adding that his versions are a lot healthier, low in gluten and don’t contain any ‘nasty stuff’ like msg.

He’s also hoping to branch out with other Asian-inspired creations once he’s established a base with his Bing’s.
Fresh and tasty, you can expect to see Frano at more events over upcoming months including farmer’s markets and festivals. He is also hoping to open up the odd pop-up kitchen in Raglan over summer as well.

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