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Book Launch and Exhibition: ‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’

Raglan is the setting for the pre-Christmas book launch of ‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’ by local wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold.

Book Launch and Exhibition dates: December 18th – December 24th 2010; 10.00am — 5.00pm
At: ‘Raglan Old School Arts Centre’, Stewart Street, Raglan

The book launch also features an exhibition of some of the amazing and inspiring photographs – showing the quality, range and uniqueness of these images – taken from a selection from within the book. These beautifully presented photographs, some of which are limited editions, will all be available for sale during the book launch as well as the book. Trevor will be at the book launch and exhibition for the whole week for book signing, answering questions and to hear your comments.

As a special fund-raiser for one of Raglan’s local environmental organisations, Trevor will donate $5.00 to ‘Whaingaroa Harbour Care’ for every book sold during this launch week at ‘Raglan Old School Arts Centre’. The total raised will be published in the ‘Raglan Chronicle’.

Book Launch Opening: Saturday December 18th 10.30am – 12.00pm where there will be coffee, tea and cakes available. Everyone welcome!

Eco Bach

‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’ Book Synopsis

‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’ takes a closer look at the wildlife with which we share our environment. It’s a high quality ‘coffee table’ book that brings together some wonderful photography from wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold.

Although concentrated in the North Island on the west coast, it encourages you to take a closer look at what’s all around us and shows that, no matter where you live, there are amazing creatures to be found – many of which are struggling to survive in our ever-changing world. Trevor goes one step further by explaining some of the techniques and decisions he makes while capturing these images, not only to give some insight into the challenges of wildlife photography, but to help and encourage people in their own photographic exploits.

‘Visions of Nature’ is an inspiring book that can be enjoyed on many levels by people of all ages. With its stunning wildlife images it will appeal to those that appreciate beautifully composed photographic images, photographers (keen to develop their skills), and those that are interested in their environment and the animals within it.

Ref: ISBN 978-0-473-17215-2
RRP: $58.00

About the Photographer

Trevor Penfold is a wildlife and nature photographer who uses his skills to showcase the amazing diversity of animals with which we share our planet. His aim is to raise awareness of the importance of using the environment in a sustainable way — not only for our benefit, but for all the other species that depend upon it too. He particularly focuses on capturing images that engage the viewer in order to develop a connection with the subject – whether on an emotional, artistic or intellectual level.

Trevor lives in Raglan, New Zealand, with his wife and daughter.

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