There are shelves upon shelves in bookstores filled with interesting looking and delicious sounding cookbooks, that upon closer inspection leave me sorely disappointed with impractical and improbable recipes or very few photographs to whet the appetite.

We primarily eat with our eyes, followed by our noses and then finally our mouths, so when a book is page after page of sumptuous photographs of incredibly delicious looking recipes, such as Emma Galloway’s book My Darling Lemon Thyme, then I am definitely hooked.

This book has evolved from Emma’s very successful food blog of the same name which she has been writing for the past 4 years as part of her and her families transition into gluten free eating. Being raised vegetarian the transition was one of translating what she knew into healthier alternatives, yet although gluten free and vegetarian being the key elements in this book, I think it will have a broad appeal simply for the way in which the recipes are written and presented, making it appealing to anyone interested in flavoursome food.

Emma’s approach is a fresh twist on the familiar. There are a lot of old classic kiwi and vegetarian recipes revisited such as Anzac biscuits made with quinoa and lemon, golden pavlova with whipped coconut cream and mango, crepes made with quinoa flour and served with orange maple sauce; or tabbouleh using buckwheat instead of bulgar wheat – a nutty seed that enhances the dish rather than detracting from the original.

And for all you vegans out there feeling like you are missing out on a true kiwi classic: ‘dairy free’ hokey pokey ice cream. The breakfast selection is broad and interesting with many tasty ways to start the day. I’ve tested a few recipes and they do work – my favourite would have to be the raw chocolate avocado tart – with these two ingredients as the main components, how can you go wrong?

Emma’s introduction and description of all the ingredients used in the recipes that follow are simple and well informed giving the reader all the information they need to set forth into a world of new flavours. It’s a beautiful book that would be a great addition to any kitchen for many meals and years to come.

Cheryl Beere – Chef and Author of ‘The Atomic Cafe Cookbook.’


Herbal Dispensary hosting cookbook launch

The Herbal Dispensary takes great pleasure in inviting you to the launch of the cookbook ‘My Darling Lemon Thyme’ by Raglan expat Emma Galloway.

My Darling Lemon Thyme is about real, honest food, seasonal and simply prepared, whole and unadulterated, fresh from the earth to the kitchen. While it is perfect for anyone with food intolerances, it is also guaranteed to please everyone who loves great food.

Catch Emma talking about here journey and the origin of the book at 3.30pm or simply stop by afterwards for a chat and a signed copy of the book.

If you would like a signed copy of her book and don’t want to miss out please give us call us on 825 7444 to reserve a copy.
26th April from 3-5pm at the Herbal Dispensary 6 Wallis Street, Raglan. Ph (07) 825 7444 to RSVP.