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Bow Street hole-in-wall helps baker make crust

Wellington may boast the corridors of power, but Raglan now has a corridor of flour.

Ruapuke artisan bread maker Jenny Carter has set up a hole-in-the-wall shop at one end of a long corridor used by Trade Aid for storage, and from there is selling her trademark sourdough loaves directly over the counter three mornings a week.

Trade Aid’s Lisa Thomson said she thought the little pop-up shop — sandwiched between Trade Aid and Frocking Gorgeous — was “a really good fit, and it adds something really special to this end of Bow Street”.

With the okay of landlord Tony Bruce, and the help of a friend in putting in a false wall, shelves and a counter, Jenny has ended up with what she describes as a “neat, funky little place” to sell her bread from about 9 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

She also drives through from Ruapuke each Friday to make deliveries to customers including a downtown restaurant which has put her local product on the menu.

Trade Aid and a bread shop might seem an unusual mix but Lisa said the New Zealand-based fair trade organisation also wanted to be seen supporting “striving local business”.

Edith Symes

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