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Bridge to Bridge harbour swim draws plenty

The Raglan Swimming Club put on another fantastic Bridge to Bridge Harbour Swim on Saturday 29th March.

It was a stunning Raglan morning and the 3.3m tide with a mirror finish helped us provide the perfect swimming conditions for over 100 participants. Over half the entrants were Raglan based. This is a huge increase from last year and the club is pleased that our target audience, Raglan and the wider community, “are getting into the swim of things”.

Swim distances of 200 metres to 2 kilometres saw our youngest registrant of 6yrs to the eldest, 70yrs, giving it a go.

This is our annual fundraiser, a bright idea devised over the neighbours fence one afternoon, while trying to figure out how to raise money to heat the school pool. Two years down the track, we have a fun, fully engaged volunteer committee, running Coaching and “Learn to Swim” lessons, squad training, lane swimming, Community group swimming and the Bridge to Bridge.

We hope this is a winning formula that will sustain our club and members in the years to come.

With help from community grants and this fundraiser we’ve bought thermal pool covers and we are pretty sure we will have that new pool liner installed for the upcoming season – November 2014.

A decline in MOE Operational grants has seen the closure of many school pools, so our thanks go to the School Board of Trustees, allowing our club to open the pool to the community, teaching everyone to swim, have fun, be healthy and be safe in the water. Please see our website or FB page for results and sponsor lists.

H Rossi

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