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Brown eyed seal seems right at home in Raglan

This beautiful baby seal estimated to be about three months old, seems to have grown fond of the Raglan wharf area and is currently calling it ‘home’.

Over a week ago staff at the Tony Sly Pottery workshop discovered the baby boy or girl on rocks at the wharf and called Department of Conservation staff as well as our veterinary team at Anexa to see what could be done for the pup – that looked decidedly under the weather. While DOC’s attitude in these cases is to let nature run its course, the vets decided to help improve its condition when it looked worse the next day.

For the next few days the shower at the back of the vets was ‘home-base’. ‘Baby’ was treated with a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to heal some nasty looking welts and sore flippers and then released into Cox Bay. However whether it was feeling better and just wanted company or was still feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation, the seal decided to return to the wharf, where this photo of it sunning itself was taken on Tuesday afternoon.

It is important to remember this is a wild animal and while looking terribly cute should not be approached – even baby seals can inflict serious bites.
At this time of the year mother seals are weaning their pups and, according to the vets, there will be many around trying to fend for themselves, as nature intended. Best watch from a distance is their advice.

Sue Russell


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