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chatting with marie from zinnia

Tell us about the name Zinnia?
The name Zinnia came from a number of random possibilities. I wanted something a bit different.
It is a strong graphically as a word and a flower and has a great colour palate. Pink has become the Zinnia brand colour! And I like that it starts with Z.

What were you doing prior to Zinnia?

I had been a registered nurse at the eye clinic at Waikato Hospital until about six years ago but have been selling vintage for about 15 years.
What do you like about your type of business?

I like the hunting and gathering of vintage best of everything I do, and most of all that our customers like what I choose! The thing I don’t like is the paperwork!

How would you describe your style?
My style is about putting different eras together. Things I love always seem to fit with each other. I like victorian china but also love flying ducks.

Three ultimate dinner guests?
Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, and Katherine Hepburn.

Where are you most happy?
Some of my best times have been travelling in Asia, particularly rural Cambodia, but nothing really beats walking along the beach at Raglan.
How do you cope with the countdown before christmas? exciting or stressful?
The countdown to Xmas is exciting at Zinnia – lots of fun gifts and happy customers. I love it! I have great staff in both stores so its not too stressful.

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