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collectif – newspaper fashion

Sophie Peacocke who grew up in Ruapuke and her cousin Laura Kay have published their own Fashion Magazine/Newspaper publication.

‘Collectif’ features fashion editorials with a mix of vintage and NZ designers blended together in a grunge and eclectic way. Sophie and Laura were involved in the whole process including graphic design, photography, advertising, styling,illustration, interviewing and writing.

The Chronicle caught up with girls to talk about their experience.

How did the journey begin to produce a magazine together?
We wanted to create real content and through our fine arts degrees we both have contact with a lot of young creative people. We have developed a perfect collaboration that we love as we have a very similar visual aesthetic.

What inspired you to use print and a newspaper form? 
A big pile of old magazines from our great grandmothers house including, illustrated London News and old NZ Women’s Weeklys from the 60’s and a few French and Spanish newspapers that are all printed on newsprint or similar size. 
There is something special about newsprint. The fact that you can roll it up and put in your pocket or handbag without ruining it is something ideal.

How did you source your interviews and features?
We chose people who inspired us and people who we thought were doing something unique and special creatively, worth of an investigation. There is no real documentation of what we are all up to so Collectif acts as that. 

I see you have local artist Sam Mathers featured. Why did you choose him?
We chose Sam because we love his style of painting and think it’s amazing and everybody needs to see it and know what he’s been up to.

How has Collectif been received in the cities, who is buying it, what does the future hold?
We have decided to make the first issue free as we want to get as much exposure as possible and also figure out who are our best suited stockists and which stockists want to stick with us for the next issues. Collectif has been received really well; we have had amazing feedback from lots of people. We are probably the harshest critics and there are lots of things we want to do better in the next issue. 

I like the photo of you guys with your grandmother Natalie with your Manifesto. Is there an artistic streak that runs through your family?
Yes there must be something that runs through our family. The majority of our relatives are creative in different ways whether fashion or
art based.
Both of our sets of grandparents have had a huge influence on us, especially when we were growing up. We would always be playing dress ups and be in and out of closets trying on different outfits and shoes, also painting and learning to sew. I guess that’s how our interests in fashion and visual projects began.  It is probably one of our most prominent childhood memories together.

What do you think of Raglan Fashion?
Raglan is such a relaxed town with a niche style well suited to the people who live there. There is also a lot of creative stuff happening there which has a huge influence on how people dress and their style.

Where can people get one in Raglan?
Jet Collective

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