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Comedy duo coming to Raglan

New Zealand’s longest serving living Mayor is taking his summer holidays with his old mate, Gary McCormick.

The pair take their comedy show on a series of seven dates, from Whangamata to the Hokianga and back to Raglan in the second week of January.

“ I think we might stand out in the crowd of young rock bands doing the circuit,”says Mayor Tim, “ but I don’t see why young people should have all the fun!”

McCormick and Shadbolt were veterans of the early days of summer rock festivals, McCormick having MC’ed Sweetwaters Rock festivals for three years in a row.

“ Tim and I used to meet up at the various stages around the site and read poems and tell stories, “ says McCormick. “Nothing much has changed except there are lots more stories and better jokes !”

The duo are very active on the Corporate speaking circuit during the year but admit to the thrill of doing a daily show on the road at the height of summer.

“This year we are doing shows at two Golf Clubs – Omaha beach and The Peninsular at Orewa. That’s a first and who knows it may lead to a whole circuit of Golf Clubs in the same way that bands have started a circuit of churches.”

Sun 13th Jan 9pm at Orca Restaurant. $30. Tickets available from Orca Restaurant.

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