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Cover image turns into a winner

Two year 9 students from Raglan Area School photographed the Raglan themed mural on the old changing sheds in the Kopua Domain and decided to submit the photo as a potential cover for the ‘Raglan Business Directory.’

At Raglan Ink we were impressed with the image and could see that it would work as a cover design representing an important aspect of Raglan.

Reece Jesson and Flynn Bellerby were stoked to win the cover design competition open to Raglan Area Senior School. It’s cool because the graffiti style is pretty popular and it was done by kids from our school.” says Reece.”

It represents the youth of Raglan’ adds Flynn. “We were going to put art over the top or create a montage but we decided to keep it how it was, keep it simple, it looked better that way” explained Reece. They both enjoy taking photos and decided to use a photographic image in their design to bring something different to the table.

Jeanette McDonnell-Rata, art teacher at Raglan Area School got the students involved in the competition despite the busy time of the year. She was pleased with the result and presented the pair with the winning $100 voucher for Warehouse Stationary.
When Reece and Flynn were asked what they like about living in Raglan they had lots to say.

“It’s safe to come downtown with your friends’ cause in some places you can’t do that” says Reece. “I like how it’s a small community and how you know lots of people. Everybody is really friendly and they help you out,” commented Flynn.


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