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Dance workshop swings into action

Swing’s Raglan debut was a roaring success! Turns out just like most, we also love Lindy Hop. Nearly 30 would-be groovers showed for the beginners’ swing dance workshop on Saturday and the response speaks for itself.

“It was so much fun. The enthusiasm of the teachers and fellow swingers was awesome and everyone got really into it! The moves were a good mix of simple steps and more challenging spins. The emphasis was on fun, not so much on perfecting the moves; encouraging for the less experienced/co-ordinated ones such as myself,” said Mahuru, a workshop attendee.

Held by Hamilton’s ‘Cats Corner Swing’ the energetic 2 hours left all more confident to head to Orca to practise their moves to Blue Tuxedo.

The teachers loved being in Raglan and were impressed with the guys turning up to dance, with a 50-50 split. Guys staying home and leaving classes with 2/3rds women is a common problem. So well done males of Raglan, you’ve done our gender proud! Haha.

‘Lindy Hop by the Sea’ will return in October. We attend Cats Corner Swing’s Thursday night classes in Hamilton, and you are welcome to join. Also many are keen to start a Raglan Lindy Club, maybe starting informally with a few getting together one evening and practicing a few turns on the beach: Sun setting in the background; waves lapping at the shore.. ahh, doesn’t that sound nice!
Ben Galloway

If interested contact Ben: 0226578644.

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