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It’s Random Act of Kindness Day today in New Zealand. RAK Day is all about people doing kind things for others – for absolutely no reason at all.
If a complete stranger pays for your coffee today or your neighbour arrives with some baking consider yourself RAK’d!
RAK Day was started by four friends: Josh de Jong, Marshall Gray, Megan Singleton and Reubyn Gwyn who thought it would be great if Kiwis had a day when people carried out a kind act for others. This is the sixth year that RAK has taken place and businesses around New Zealand are getting on board – the city of Napier will be giving away goodies and treats to shoppers today and Westfield Malls also have events planned.

Have you experienced a Random Act of Kindness today? Or are you planning giving someone else a RAK experience? Let us know.

Some RAK ideas:
Mow the neighbour’s lawn
Bake someone a cake
Pay for a stranger’s coffee
Wash your partner’s car
Put toothpaste on your partner’s brush
Send a pizza to the local fire station, school staff room, boyfriend’s work
Phone your mum
Donate clothes to a opportunity shop
Offer to walk the neighbour’s dog
Treat a friend to join you in a round of golf

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