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Egglectic collection on show at creative couple’s Eggshibition

This Saturday at Blacksand Café, artists Tim Turner and Tracy Brechelt invite you to the breakfast opening of their collaborative exhibition, featuring an eclectic blend of mixed media, fashion, functional and fine art, humorously titled Eggshibition.

Starting at 10:30am, Blacksand Café will be serving a breakfast special in conjunction with the exhibition opening offering boiled eggs with toast soldiers, your choice of tea or coffee and your own piece of ‘functional, dining table art’ — eggcups styled out of old vinyl records.

Although the serving of eggs was part of the inspiration behind the name for their show, Tim said it was also “because we’re just a pair of eggs really.”

The inspired and resourceful pair have been working semi-collaboratively on the pieces they will be exhibiting, while each having their individual pieces of work. Tracy says, “we’ve definitely been feeding off each other’s creative energy.”

Around three quarters of Tim’s work is comprised of functional art, often using recycled materials gathered from foraging missions at Kahu’s Nest, like handbags made from vinyl records, vintage fabric and forks.

Using some funky 70’s prints for their bags, Tim says, “my Mother was doing a clean-out and she had two boxes full of beautiful old materials, Tracy and I both sew so we’ve both got lots of stashes of material everywhere.”

Also using a lot of recycled material, much of Tracy’s work focuses on “the canvas more than the art,” to try and take herself out of the box. One piece in particular uses an antique washboard that once belonged to her grandmother. Detailing the weathered wooden ridges in the board she adds ”I’m not sure if I’ll be selling this one yet.”

The quirky and eclectic pieces of art are truly a reflection of the couple’s diverse backgrounds and influences. Tim has previously exhibited mixed media and jewellery works and Tracy operates as the local tattoo artist with a studio on Wallis Street.

Securing one of the last exhibition spots available at Blacksand Café, Tim and Tracy have been plugging away with their work and with their opening looming Tracy said, “it’s amazing what you can create when you have a deadline!”

Make sure you head down to Blacksand Cafe this weekend for your own little piece of dining table art.

EGGSHIBITION Breakfast Opening @ Blacksands Café, Saturday 1st September, 10:30am. Exhibition runs until the end of September.

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