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Five-year-old artist in the making holds exhibition

While many of us at five are only just starting to go to school, Hazel Cranfield, only recently turned five, will be showcasing her very first art exhibition at Blacksand Café starting this week.

Her mother Erin describes her daughter’s work as “quite abstract” with “lots of splatters” but that she first noticed her daughter’s talent for painting when the family were redecorating their home.

“I bought some canvases for the girls and me, just to decorate the house really, and I noticed that Hazel’s paintings were quite different from my other girls,” says Erin.

Developing her painting skills at daycare where Erin notes her daughter has been “really into it,” Hazel has collected the many canvases that she has painted in her few short years and will be presenting them during her exhibition titled “4 Thought” — the four standing for Hazel’s age when she painted the pieces.

While Hazel is talented in her own right, Erin’s other daughter Abby is also quite talented, being a published writer at the age of five.

First having an article published in the Chronicle, Abby has since gone on to have a sentence accepted for Telecom’s “Bills to Storybooks” promotion and further has a story published in an upcoming book, “Leprechaun Ice Cream.”

With her hands full with two very talented girls, Erin says, “I think a lot of people will like it,” about Hazel’s exhibition. “4 Thought” will be on show at Blacksand Cafe for the next four weeks so make sure to head down to check out Hazel’s work!

Maki Nishiyama

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