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Food bank Drive hits the streets

Collectors for Raglan food bank will be out and about in Raglan on Saturday. Volunteers will be picking up grocery items or donations from all households between Greenslade Road to the east and Rakaunui Street on the west side of town.

Three vans and a truck will be on the road from 10 in the morning, with a team of volunteers wearing Surfside Church T-shirts picking up the goodies which later get distributed to a people in the community who are finding the going too tough. The local foodbank feeds about 10 needy families or pensioners every week of the year with a load of groceries and a meat voucher. Its service runs on donations and voluntary help, mainly from the churches.

Raglan Four Square recently began a new initiative in which shoppers are encouraged to add $5 or $10 donations for the foodbank to their grocery totals.
Excess fruit and vegies from local gardens are always gratefully accepted at the foodbank, which is opposite the Community House in Bow Street. Any contributions can either be dropped off when the bank’s open on Monday and Friday afternoons, between 1 and 3pm, or a pick-up arranged by phoning the church on 825 5199.

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