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‘Graffito’ photographic showcase returns to Raglan this week.

Raglan hosts a new exhibition this week at Blacksand restaurant and bar. Russ Adams, a British born photographer who has been living in Raglan for over a year, exhibits a photographic collection of graffiti from all over the world. Russ’s interest in documenting original street art began in East London where British graffiti artist Banksy’s work was cropping up all over the city in various hard to reach places. Russ’s travels around Europe, Japan, South America and Australia have taken him to many cities where he has gone in search of striking street-art masterpieces which might otherwise go unseen, “A lot of pieces I have come across have been tucked away down side streets and back alleys where not a lot of people go”. Some of Russ’s favourite finds were in Valparaiso, Chile, which he describes as a ‘stunningly beautiful city’. The styles of artwork Russ has captured are hugely varied. From bold, spray can stencil work with high contrast, to pieces based on traditional and cultural symbolism using hand painted methods. Having exhibited in Raglan before, Russ was stoked to have the opportunity adorn the walls of Blacksand once again. Russ has also exhibited in Gisbourne and has plans to show his photography in Auckland in the near future. All are reproduced in the form of high quality prints on canvas, and are for sale and on show at Blacksand until 9 February.

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