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Happy Holidays from the O’Loughlin Family

This week the Chronicle caught up with the O’Loughlin family for a Xmas Q+A.

Tell us about your beautiful caravan. How did you acquire it?

We inherited our caravan from my granny who brought it new in 1953. we’ve given her a new lick of paint (with GC’s awesome advice), but mostly it was in really good condition.  My mum and her sisters all used to go away with it to Waihi in the 1960s when they were kids. Hopefully it will last another generation.

What are you doing for the holiday break. 

We’ve rented our house out for a month and are hitting the road to be gypsies for a while. We’ll have christmas with our families and then head to Otamure Bay up north where we plan on camping for a few weeks.

Best camping spot you’ve ever been to?

Ruapuke: just down the coast but it feels like you’re really getting away, and perfect for a weekend destination with the kids.

What do you love most about Summer Holidays in Raglan?

The atmosphere of town humming, swimming at Kopua and jumping off the bridge, having fish and chips at the wharf, sitting on the deck of the pub people watching, one way bridge madness and Ngarunui before the wind gets up.

What’s happening on Christmas day?

Family time in Auckland followed by more family time in Taupo. Will definitely include eating and drinking too much, family feuds and killer scrabble.

New year resolutions?


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