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Herbal Dispensary: In store Organic & Vegan makeup event

Beauty comes from within, the way you feel about yourself affects the way you dress, care for yourself, your posture, speech and the way you interact with the world. Most women derive some sense of the beauty from the health and condition of their skin. This is because the outer appearance of our skin can reflect our inner health. The Herbal Dispensary often guide women and men on their inner health.

This week the Herbal Dispensary would like to invite you to a special natural cosmetic event. They are very lucky to be able to offer you an opportunity experiment with one of the few make up brands that is certified vegan or certified organic or both.

In store Make-up event

Natural skincare makeup artists, Rose and Dionne from Inika cosmetics will be in store on Thursday the 7th of July.

They will:

  • Apply Pure Primer
  • Colour match products for you based on your skin tone and colour
  • Recommend suitable eyeshadow shades and lipstick colours
  • Give tips and helpful information about Inika natural cosmetics
  • Interested ? Please phone us on 07 8257444 to book your appointment.
    We have limited numbers so please book early. There is no charge for your consultation. There is a $20.00 booking fee to secure your booking, this is refundable off products on the day.

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