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Herbalist balances mainstream and alternative medicine

Working as a registered nurse for 11 years, Nikky Jansen was seeking “something more real” than the prescribing of antibiotics and chemical medications to treat sick patients.

Now a qualified medical herbalist, Nikky combines the experience she gained as a nurse with her knowledge of plants and herbal remedies to provide treatments that have less of an impact on the bodies natural systems.

“It can be simple things like waking up grumpy to mid afternoon energy dips to painful conditions, people don’t have to put up with that. And a natural approach can treat problems without having chemicals accumulate in your body,” says Nikky.

She finds that natural healing is often preventative providing treatments before patients completely meltdown with a sickness. This preventative approach helps to strengthen the immune system, providing herbal nourishment that is personalised to your body’s natural systems and needs.

“Antibiotics definitely have their place but I’m seeing in our modern society that using these chemicals, our natural immune system isn’t developing.”

Coming from a background of solid science, Nikky believes her strength comes from being able to draw from both bodies of knowledge without compromising ethics. “I want to empower clients to look after their own health and it’s nice to know that you can treat your family from what you know and grow,” she says.

Nikky is available for appointments now – Mondays in Raglan and Tuesdays in Hamilton through MediNature. Consults also available at your convenience, contact Nikky on 825 6885 or 021 180 6198.

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