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Holiday fun at The Old School

Holiday Halloween activities at the Old School ended with the thrill of a hunt for hidden treasure.
A final highlight of the week of fun was the excitement of putting together a treasure hunt. The children made their own imaginative maps, hid the treasure from each other, and eagerly joined in the search.

The youngsters enthusiastically ate their own creepily creative Halloween cooking. Every day bread was baked into eerie shapes and scary looking ‘witches fingers’ biscuits looked remarkably real.
Yann Bordier said the children especially enjoyed screen printing t-shirts with wild designs and taking home their own colourful creations. Their creative side was also drawn out with the fun of chalk drawings and making magical wands with beads and shells. Many lively games outdoors were all enjoyed with enthusiasm.

Offered as part of the national Out of School Care And Recreation service (OSCAR) the programme allowed youngsters from as far afield as the South Island, on holiday in Raglan, to join with local children to play and create. “The kids had fun making new friends and meeting up with their friends from previous OSCAR programmes,” said Yann.

Yann Bordier and Chris Mitchell who run the Old School Art Centre’s OSCAR programmes are already enthusiastically planning the next OSCAR week in January. Always a favourite activity in the programme, tie-dying, will be included in the range of activities to fire-up a child’s imagination.

Susan Guenther

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