Young Raglan Area School student Iemaja Hassell got a little slice of stardom last Saturday when she learnt the ropes at Raglan Radio alongside children’s entertainer Suzy Cato, who was in town with her team from The Great Big Kids’ Show.

The seven-year-old “star” now gets to help co-host this coming Saturday morning’s show which will include everything from announcing the songs, stories and birthday shoutouts to sharing her favourite joke and chatting about Raglan.

Suzy spent some time too on her visit to Raglan with “other talented folk” from the local school, commending them on their talent. “They’re all so ready to give a new experience a go and to share their voices.”

The voices of the other children will be included in shows at 98.1 over the next few weeks.
Suzy’s appearance in town came as a result of the Great Big Radio show competition, with teacher Gabrielle Williams co-ordinating the event and station manager Aaron Mooar facilitating.

The pair are working on developing a relationship between the station and the school allowing the kids an opportunity to experience broadcasting.
Tune in to Raglan Radio 98.1 at 7am this Saturday to catch Iemaja co-hosting.

Edith Symes