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Introducing: Denise Fort

Denise Fort is currently exhibiting her unique style at Matapihi Art Gallery.
Originally from Munich, Germany Denise is currently living her “perfect lifestyle” right here in Raglan. Trained in industrial design Denise has travelled the world since leaving university, spending time in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Spain, Australia, the USA and Canada. On her first visit to Raglan Denise stayed for 8 months. Now she’s back for another year.

“The Invadors” is a story about the arrival of helicopters into a new world. Denise developed the world of the helicopters in Raglan and in November last year she took them to Los Angeles to show at the Downtown Artwork exhibition.

Denise’s artwork is influenced by her time studying and working as an industrial designer. She believes that every little job she has done in her life, from sanding natural wood to decorating showrooms with design furniture and accessories, today helps her to find the aesthetic in very single illustration. Her style is the result of developing and playing with new shapes. You will not find any human or living being in her pictures but with an opened mind you will be able to see many friendly characters.

Many people, upon seeing Denise’s art, have asked her how she can draw such straight lines. Well Denise studied industrial design and had to attend clases where they forced her to draw perfect lines, elipses and circles. Today she appreciates these classes.

Catch “The Invadors” at Matapihi Art Gallery, 34 Bow Street.
But be quick – the exhibiton closes on Friday 23 April.


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