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Jamin-I takes to stage as MC

Better known for his work as DJ Jamin-I, Stephen Reid recently tested his microphone skills, MC’ing at the Kimbra concert held at Vector Arena.

While usually enjoying the odd go on the mic, MCing for a whole show – especially in front of a 4000 strong crowd – was a first for Stephen. Admitting he was “nervous” before the start, he was also reassured to see that he wasn’t the only one.

“It was pretty social backstage, I was practicing my lines and I got to have a bit of a laugh with some of the other performers. It’s pretty busy as well with everyone warming up and everyone was sharing the anticipation,” he said.

“After Bianca (event organiser) contacted me I thought I reckon I can do this. I chucked myself in the deep end a bit but she had a lot of belief in me and with my wife cheering me on, there was no way I could turn it down,” says Stephen.

Taking a peek from the stage at one point, Stephen recalls having a ‘here we go!’ moment before he stepped out in front of the crowd to open the show and introduce first act, Kiwi pop singer, Ruby Frost.

“It’s definitely the biggest crowd I have stood up in front of, you just look out into a sea of people, I’ve never had a perspective like that before in my life,” he said.

Originally deliberating over how to ‘break the ice,’ Stephen ultimately stayed true to his own character, garnering a great response from the crowd as well as event organisers.

“Stephen has a lot of charisma,” said wife Candide, “I told him, you have a good personality, just be yourself,”

After getting over his initial nerves, Stephen says, “I was having so much fun, the vibe that came from the people was amazing everyone was amping.”

With regular gigs at Nitro Cocktail bar and The Grand Central in Hamilton as well as monthly Raglan Sunday Sessions and Auckland gigs, Stephen has been steadily plugging away at his work.

A big event, this opportunity came off the back of Stephen’s efforts collaborating and networking with like-minded people, “I’d definitely love to do more of it,” he said.

In her first NZ concert since the Big Day Out in January, Hamilton-born songstress Kimbra was joined by the likes of Ruby Frost and the Black Seeds, as well as dubstep act Mt Eden and Australian electro group Vandalism.

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