Arguably Japan’s greatest ‘rock and roll’ band, ‘Guitar Wolf’, will play their first ever Raglan show on Saturday 14th December at the Yot Club.

The Guitar Wolf experience is nothing short of wild. When they appeared on the scene in the late 80s brandishing their lo-fi, ear damaging rock n’ roll, the trio quickly became cult icons. Dressed to the nines in black leather and dark sunglasses, they looked more like a gang.

Guitar Wolf’s unapologetic approach to recording albums became notorious among fans of underground garage rock, and their records quickly became highly collectible. While all this may sound negative, their live show is anything but with their style of abstract noise, screaming punk, and a tinge of sludge thrown in just for added texture. These guys have been delivering the goods for some time now. A solid band, with much to offer.

If you have never seen a Guitar Wolf show before, you probably should add that to your list of things to do before you die. There is nothing else like it – but just remember to take your earplugs because your hearing will never be the same again.

Many other bands have tried the drunk-punk approach to music and have come off as dismal failures. Somehow these rockers have managed to live and breathe their music for over 20 years now, but they won’t be hanging up the leather jackets and taking off their sunglasses anytime soon – and thank god for that. Guitar Wolf are the real deal, you can’t help but love the passion, heart, and soul that they put into their music and their live show.