PARIS – Wanted: Young people to spend July and August on a French beach rubbing sun cream into the backs of beautiful young women. Or, if you prefer, beautiful young men. Wages: €5,000 (NZ$9,400).
The seaside town of Sables-d’Olonne in France has recently launched a search for candidates for what it terms “le job de l’ete” or “job of the summer”. Two lucky young people will be employed to spend July and August on the beach with 30,000 samples of sun-cream lotion. Their job? To save beach goers from frying to a crisp under the summer sun.
Applicants have until 26 May to send in a CV and a 45-second video in which they explain, or demonstrate, why they are ideal for the job. The two successful candidates will earn €850 (NZ$1600) a week for six weeks, from 10 July to 22 August.
The Vendee resort has a history of running clever publicity stunts. Last year it launched “l’aspirateur nuages” or “the cloud hoover” which promised holidaymakers they could cancel any bookings up to 48 hours in advance if the weather turned miserable.
Other travel companies around the world have used similar quirky competitions. Queensland tourism authorities launched a search for a candidate to become caretaker of a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef while a tourism company in Ireland advertised for a couple to travel to the most romantic honeymoon spots around the world. And closer to home Australian Nicquel Rhoden recently won “NZ’s dream job” organised by travel company Entirely Kiwi. Nicquel is currently on a promotional tour of New Zealand and will be popping in to Raglan fairly soon.