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Junior Enviro Club dig for Future Bounty

Recently twenty new mandarin trees were planted by the Junior Enviro Club at Raglan Area School.

With a beautiful view of the estuary and ocean, a beaming sun and a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers, the club collectively decided where to plant the trees and got to work digging. Using spades from the newly restocked Community Tool Bank (thanks to funding by Meridian) and trees kindly donated by the Hamilton Fruit Growers Association, the afternoon ended with smiling, if somewhat muddy, faces all round!

The planting took place as part of the Backyard Bounty Project, the long term aim of which is to provide the Raglan community with a sustainable backyard supply of fresh, organic and healthy food – all for free. WEC currently have more trees, purchased by Robin Jones, co-ordinator of the Food Forests, to be planted in other public areas and are in the process of confirming Snowden Place and the Rugby Grounds as potential sites.

These trees along with the Food Forests will provide locals with a lasting source of fruit and vegetables so that no one has to go without! Get in touch with WEC for more info on volunteering for the project, or if you have fruit trees to donate. They would like to thank all involved, especially the Junior Enviro Club for their hard work and energy.

Amy Lewis

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