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KASM ‘blown away’ by turnout and tally

A whopping $12,000 was raised at last Saturday night’s music/auction event in Raglan to help fund KASM’s legal fight against seabed mining off the North Island’s west coast.

It was an “amazing” response from the townspeople, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining committee member Suz Hall told the Chronicle. “We (the committee) were absolutely blown away.

“It was one of those nights when you’re proud to be a Raglander.”
KASM president Phil McCabe said it was a fantastic turnout, with 300 folk “generous to the cause”.
The auction – conducted by Julie Hanna from Ray White – raised $5600 of the total.

“Loads of people” came early to bid when the doors opened at 6.30, said Suz. That was uncharacteristic of local music-goers and “we really felt people were coming along to support their community”.

The event, held at Raglan Club, hosted an impressive line-up of bands headed up by the legendary Mudsharks with bluesman Midge Marsden. All gave their time for free, as did a voluntary army of helpers behind the scenes in the kitchen from where food was served as part of the fundraising effort.

Funds raised will help pay for lawyers, scientists and other experts engaged by KASM to argue its case at Environmental Protection Authority hearings currently being held around the North Island.

E Symes


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