While the Internet has dramatically changed the music industry, local band The Kryptonites have turned to a new format — the drop card – to release their debut EP, Wholegrain Rhythm and Soul.

Deviating away from CDs, the drop card on its own looks just like an Eftpos or ID card. On the reverse you can find a website and code where you can download the tracks.

“We were mixing down with a friend of ours and we saw one of those drop cards and we were like ‘what’s this thing?’ I think the older generation may be a bit baffled but we wanted to try something new,” said drummer Freddy Limbert.

Having spent most of the summer performing at various events on the festival circuit as well as performing with power blues duo Swamp Thing, the Kryptonites have also been holding monthly gigs at Vinnies over the past eight months.

“The gigs there have been going great, it’s been building a lot since we started and people seem to bring new people along every time. We have guest artists play every now and then too,” says Freddy.

Making a musical connection with Swamp Thing drummer and former John Butler Trio member, Michael Barker, the band have been busy recording their EP and writing songs for their upcoming full album.

“It’s definitely been a bit of a process. The last six months or so we recorded with Michael. He is just fantastic, he’s been so inspirational for us and really supportive,” says Freddy.

Fine-tuning their sound since officially establishing themselves around a year ago, some of their uniqueness stems from a mix of wholesome instruments like the fretless bass and gut-string guitar layered with textural drumming.

Looking ahead for the year, the Kryptonites hope to get their EP pressed soon as well as working on their new album and warmly invite the community to their EP release gig at Vinnies this Friday 1st March.

Maki Nishiyama