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Last Paradise film screening

International eco adventure movie Last Paradise screens in Hamilton for the first time next Monday (23 August). Footage of the early days in Raglan (and NZ) feature heavily. If you’re an adventure junkie this is a must-see.

The story:
Amidst the politics of the atomic age and cold war, young mavericks in the USA, Australia and NZ dropped out of mainstream society to pursue a dream.  Last Paradise is the story of how they crossed paths, invented new lifestyles, adventures and technology and eventually discovered the world’s secret paradises.
The story begins in a beautiful New Zealand, during the innocence of the 1960’s, no barriers and few people. As teens, they pioneer adventure frontiers in Bali, Mexico, Europe, and the Australian outback.
These adventurers include scientists and innovators who provide a balanced and shocking insight into how our world has changed in 40 years – culturally, environmentally and technologically.

Director and producer of Last Paradise Clive Neeson once lived in Raglan.

Find out more:
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Last Paradise screens on Monday 23rd August, 6:00pm, at Lido Movie theatre in Centre Place. (For bookings ph 838 9010).

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