Julian Godfrey

Artist Q + A

We chat to local Raglan artist Julian Godfrey, winner of the 2016 IHC Art Awards.


H ow would you describe your artwork?

I draw using fine-tipped pens with lots of detail. I fill the images in with patterns instead of colour. Some of the drawings are photographed by Stuart Mackenzie and printed out as lightfast drawings. Sometimes I colour them with watercolours so they will last a long time.

What kinds of thing do you like to draw?

I like doing landscapes, as well as abstract patterns that take me ages.

How long do you generally spend on one artwork?

I draw while I listen to music because they take so long – it takes between one and three weeks to do one but I don’t work on them all the time.

Congratulations for your win earlier in the year in the 2016 IHC Art awards. What did this involve?

I won the People’s Choice Award through Facebook votes. The competition is on every year and the first prize is $5000 so lots of people enter.

You are from a very artistic family. Have you always loved to draw? When did you really start to love it?

My mum always drew and painted with me, since I was about 3. When Mum painted her series of watercolours called “There Is No Planet B” I got really inspired and started drawing lots of towns and roads.

Then I did a couple of paintings called Earth Skies which people really liked.

When we had the Arts Weekend I sold quite a lot of my drawings and that encouraged me to keep going.

What other artists’ work do you like?

I like Chris Meek’s work because it’s really loose, not like mine. I like visiting his studio.

I just do my own thing usually.

What’s happening in 2017 for you?

I have been focussing on doing new work for the Raglan Arts Weekend that is on at the end of January 2017. That’s when I have new and old work on display that people can buy. I am listed under Palm Prints on the brochure because I show my work with my mum, Jane Galloway, and step-dad Stuart.

My dad, Brian Godfery, paints too and I’d really like to do an exhibition with him next year.

Where and when can people view your art?

My work can be seen online at www.palmprints.co.nz and also at thecleverdesignstore.com.

I have work in galleries in Tairua, New Plymouth, Cambridge and Soul in Hamilton.