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Local counsellor: René Andre MNZAC

I am a counsellor, a long standing member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

My approach to counselling can be described as general psychotherapy.

I first became interested in counselling as a student of human geography. Through post-graduate research I explored the idea that we imagine or construct our own sense of space and place. I studied general psychotherapy as a way to develop a greater understanding of how this relationship between human environments and well-being works.

Much of my work as a counsellor seems very basic in nature: I introduce myself, and I listen actively and with empathy.

Some people think that counselling is about giving advice and yet this is rarely the case, except in some instances e.g., where the person’s safety is at risk. Most of the time the counselling space is left open for the person to talk.

This process of self-expression may also be supported through left brain activities such as mind mapping or scaling questions (to help define a particular concern or symptom) or through right brain activities such as art therapy (drawing, clay) and sand play.

When I invite a person to use these various techniques it enables a more whole-brain process to occur; thinking, intuition, sensing, feeling. In this way the brain makes significant connections, and valuable insights are obtained.

Through this kind of self-awareness people realise motivation for change.

My private practice is based here in Raglan (which includes Raglan Area School). I also work for Parentline in Hamilton.

027 633 3095

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