THE ‘DOUBLE STRENGTH’ TOUR featuring LUGER BOA & BLACK RIVER DRIVE and Raglan local guests

NZ’s Kings of Chaos LUGER BOA are bringing their brand new album ‘NEW HOT NIGHTS’ and incendiary live show to the people — joined by the sonic destructive power of BLACK RIVER DRIVE, already Lords at Rock Radio and quickly establishing their reputation as a live force to be reckoned with!
LUGER BOA are coiled and ready to deliver as they head out nationwide to celebrate the release of their 2nd Album ‘NEW HOT NIGHTS’, 12 twisted tales from the concrete jungle, including the Rock Radio smash hits Lazy, Paralyzed, and New Hot Nights. The follow up to 2009’s debut ‘Mutate or Die’, New Hot Nights has been receiving rave reviews, multiple stars, and has been described as “the A-Z of Debauchery and Rock N Roll in the Big City”.

Expect to see nothing less when they hit the stage with the trade mark explosive energy that has seen them blow minds the length and breadth of the country as they bring their blistering new material (and all the classic Luger you know and love!) to Raglan this weekend!

BLACK RIVER DRIVE’s debut album ‘PERFECT FLAWS’ has produced not one but two number one hits on rock stations the length of New Zealand in 2010, and 2011 sees the band in their best ever form, delivering night after night of knockout riffs, anthemic choruses and a tight-as-a-fist delivery that comes from years of doing it old-school in the grimy pubs of Auckland.

With a fistful of songs like Bullet For Your Gun, Call The Doctor, 15 Minutes and the atmospheric new single Down By The River, BLACK RIVER DRIVE can’t wait to unleash their full fury on the cities and towns of NZ.

This tour is the fresh face & new sound of NZ Rock ‘n’ Roll.