This week we talk to the talented singer/songwriter Lucy Cioffi.
Image: thanks to Tracie Heasman.

How would you describe your music?
Honest, lyrically driven, bitter-sweet indie/ambient pop.

Where have you been performing lately?
I’ve played three gigs so far with my new band in Auckland. Our first gig was at The Portland Public House and it was awesome to have Raglan girl Anna Coddington in the crowd. She was supporting her friends Julia Deans and Anika Moa who played before us for the Kingsland folk club. Our second gig was at Britomart 1885 playing at a NZ music showcase for music month.

Do you come from a musical family? When did you learn to play an instrument?
My mum told me that whilst she was expecting me she started learning the piano but had to give up as she had no time what with having five other children to look after. So when I started school she encouraged me to take piano lessons and I got to grade 4 but stopped because I didn’t want to read music, I was only interested in composing new music

What in your memory is your best gig ever?
It would have to be when I played with my former band Hand Me Downs at the Battle of the Bands in Hamilton because of the amount of support we got from our Raglan family.

Song or tune playing in your head right now?
I need to get my fire back by NZ singer /songwriter Jesse Sheehan.

What would you save in a fire?
My lyric book.

Are you a dog or a cat person?
They both give me allergies but if I had to choose it would be a dog.

Best piece of advice ever given?
My big sister told me there are only two days in life that you can’t do something, yesterday and tomorrow.

What four people dead or alive would you invite for dinner?
I would invite a mixture of really random personalities such as my favourite comedian Alan Partridge for his sheer awkwardness, David Attenborough to keep the conversation going, my boyfriend Dougal and Delia Smith so she could cook the dinner!

If money were no object what frivilous non essential would you buy for yourself?
A fridge with a butter conditioner.

If you could live any time in history when would it be?
The swinging 60’s.

In another life what career would you have?

Where can we expect to see you perform next?
I’m performing at the Leigh Sawmill on 21st July with our indie pop friends The Map Room.