This week the Chronicle caught up with brothers Reuben and Dylan Brown.

How did you come up with your DJ name?
When we came back from overseas and started playing at the YOT Club in 2007 we called ourselves ‘Double Brown’.

Where do you currently play as a DJs?
We currently play at the YOT Club on a regular basis and at parties in Raglan and Hamilton.

How did you first get involved with DJing?
We got into Djing in 2000 through our travels to London and experiences in the massive dance clubs. We decided to buy turntables and progressed to play at parties and clubs in England. Now, after 15 years, we are stoked to be part of the Yottie!

Who were some of your influences when you started?
Tony De Vit, Andy Farley, BK, Paul Glazby, Antix to name a couple but pretty much Hard House producers and DJ’s. We were pushed on with some mates who were ripping in some of Londons top clubs.

What kinds of music do you like playing?
We have stepped back into Raglan and adapted our DJ styles to the fit broad spectrum tastes in Raglan and our International friends. Our style is upbeat, amping, tune selection and beat control! These days Dylan enjoys mixing Breaks through to Tech house, Reuben plays mixes of old and new skool hits, Funky and Deep House, Party Breaks, Electro and Drum and Bass. We play many of our nights back to back, track to track. We play to the dance floor so we can swing it to almost anything. All it takes is one track to ignite the night and keep it rolling.

What is the best thing about DJing?
Seeing any dance floor pumping!

What is the worst?
There’s been a couple but, thats part of it. Dylan fell over the speakers one night in front of the party…haha. Silent parties…. we all know those ones!

What in your memory has been your best show?
There have been 7 years of them but New Years Eve 2011/ 2012, DJ Wars, Mr Mo-vember, Rip Curl Pro 2011 with DJ Daiki stealing the show (Caos). Big thanks to Peter Coddington who put up with us for all those years and kept our inspiration going with help from local DJ’s too.

What song never fails to get you on the dance floor?
Dirty Funker – Do not leave the dancefloor!

When’s the next gig?
Hopefully at the Yot Club soon with Andy.