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New Oov classes at Raglan Gym: Read how Oov can help you!

The Oov was designed by an Australian osteopath and neuroscientist to develop a better alternative to using a rolled towel to lengthen the spine.

It is ergonomically designed to fit the human body with a three way curve that follows the natural curve of your spine. Made from highly durable foam, it doesn’t collapse, but pushes back at your body so that your muscles must activate while using it.

However, the Oov can be used for far more than back rehabilitation. It can be used to improve movement in joints, to work the inner abdominal muscles, to improve balance and stability, to build strength and endurance and more. Almost everyone can benefit from using the Oov.

Director, physiotherapist – John Appel of Advance Physiotherapy in Hamilton, began using the Oov with his clients and found the results to be outstanding. In his professional opinion the Oov is the best training device he has come across with regard to its success in transferring the benefits of its use to everyday life.

John Appel is coming to Raglan on Thursday 27th August for a FREE info/trial night on the Oov at 6.15pm at 48 Bow street (not at the gym).

We will be running 30 min Oov classes regularly on Monday at 6.15pm and Wed 9.15am starting in two weeks.
For more info phone Amber on 027 294 6949.


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